Motor Jesus - race to resurrection

At the very latest the 2014 chart entry of their most recent album “Electric Revelation” saw MOTORJESUS conquer the pole
position of the German heavy rock scene. Countless festivals (such as the Summer Breeze and the Rock Hard Open Air) and
various tours have earned these full-throttle rock musicians with their uncompromising mix consisting of classic rock,
traditional metal and punchy rock music resounding success.
As part of a regular inspection, however, they noticed that the band’s engine was no longer running smoothly. “Sometimes life
gets in the way,” frontman Chris Birx muses. “Families grow and priorities change. That’s how it goes.” But even the
departure of former companions could not stop the gasoline rockers from Mönchengladbach. Instead they’re set to unleash
their fifth album release, “Race To Resurrection”. Their latest recording, like its successful predecessor produced by Dan
Swanö, is one hundred per cent MOTORJESUS, but even more rounded, more balanced and much more diverse than
previous offerings, as their new rock’n’roll MOT attests.
Songs such as the majestic, feet-apart rock number “King Collider”, “Casket Days” with its gigantic chorus (“a death metal
tribute, at least in term of its lyrics,” grins the vocalist) and “Burning Black” with its Godzilla riffs groove everything into the
ground that isn’t up a tree by the count of three. At the same time, MOTORJESUS have markedly increased their music’s hit
potential while assembling the engine. Which explains big block hooklines as on “Burning Black” and “Engines Of War”. The
music hits you smack in the face while you find yourself happily singing along. Motorjesus have proved that this kind of riff
rock mélange isn’t exclusive to Scandinavia and the US – German bands also seem set to produce high-octane heavy rock
music from now on.
“The Infernal”, on the other hand, takes an altogether different direction. “It’s our bow to Alice In Chains,” Birx rejoices. And
although the grunge era isn’t a bad reference point at all, it merely serves as starting point. Because here we see
MOTORJESUS deliver a major world-class power ballad, including creamy acoustic guitars, phat solo guitars and
dreamy-melancholy vocal harmonies. So MOTORJESUS can do so much more than smack-in-your-face numbers, they can
also write rock songs with substance. A very pleasant surprise.
And once the engine has warmed up nicely, you can really step on the gas – which is precisely what MOTORJESUS do in
perfection on “The Storm”, a driving, grooving power metal bow, the epic metal-influenced “Awaken The Tyrants” and the
gasoline-for-breakfast rock track “The Chase”.
“Let me put it this way: the vehicle’s still the same,” grins Birx, “but we’ve done some fine tuning to make sure that it wins the
upcoming races.” The battle for the 2018 heavy metal crown may only just have started, but MOTORJESUS have already
secured themselves a position on the winners’ podium.

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