Wywiad z zespołem Dionisyan

BWR: Not every day do we see a project that connects so seemingly different styles as doom metal and baroque music, and it is not the first time for you to experiment with various sounds. For starters, could you tell us about your previous projects?

T: With DELIRIUM AND MADNESS’s Album I wanted to give a strong and impactful identification with Spirituality coupled with philosophy, completely switched to female opera and modern Vocals.
Certainly it is a pioneering album of a new genre; the atmospheric baroque doom metal.
Absolute melody, harmonies from the first to the last note of the opera, lyrical and modern female singing alternating, baroque music with progressive metal and ATMOSPHERIC DOOM METAL in my original and innovative blend

BWR: Why doom metal? It is not a very spectatular genre of music and it requires an engaged listener who will not be bored by the low tempo and gradually building atmosphere. What convinced you to choose that particular approach? Could you tell us about your inspirations, both those coming from metal and the classical music?

T: My second DIONISYAN Opera Magna “ Delirium and Madness – Concerto Grosso Opera °2 in G Minor, in which I reinvented and renewed the polyrhythmic counterpuntic polyphony of baroque music in metal style.
It’s my 6th career album and it’s my absolute masterpiece, where I’ve surpassed myself, in every detail, compared to the first album of DIONISYAN „The Mystery of Faith” which is already very complete and intricate.
My intent was to create something of unique and innovative, that no one else had yet done with Metal.
And in “Delirium And Madness” my goal has been achieved.
I played, composed, arranged and orchestrated 9 baroque acoustic instruments, both for the intros, outros and during the songs to blend with the baroque structure of all the songs.

BWR: Now lets talk about Dionisyan itself, where did the idea of a combination of classical music and doom metal come from? Usually the neoclassical elements can be heard in power metal, folk,or progressive bands.

T: The first work had as its structure the melodic progressive death doom metal as the main matrix and then I had composed and arranged the music for the cantata harsh and growl, instead for the second great work that is totally structured in baroque music recontextualized in atmospheric doom metal, I created all the music for the female singing and the result was amazing.
My composing style is from classical music to jazz, I have been composing music professionally for over 20 years as a music teacher and for “Delirium And Madness” I had a general view of the whole opera initially that I then started to develop individually for each song on a melodic line carrier.
Normally I start working on more melodic lines that interact with each other so the two harmonized electric guitars and then develop all the other metric lines for the other instruments that are spot for my natural way of composing extremely detailed, intricate, complicated and complex.

BWR: Deliriumand Madness (Concerto Grosso Opera !2in G Minor)is a unique album, distinguishing itself from the CDs of other doom metal bands. Could you tell ushow it was created? What feelings accompanied creating a doom metal opera? What were the inspirations behind it ?

T: For sure “DELIRIUM AND MADNESS” be much more ‚complex musically regarding the compositions, arrangements and orchestrations from the first album „THE MYSTERY OF FAITH” that already anyway presents his musical innovation at the forefront for the contrasts of genres that I mixed between them, but in the second album I’ll move to other genres of music not to fossilize the DIONISYAN only to what I’ve done so far and go beyond the boundaries with other musical styles to get ahead in my evolutionary path as Composer, multi-instrumentalist and Teacher Music

BWR: The baroque music, although monumental and full of life, came to life during the period of many european wars. Chapels made of skulls, abandoned cities, leftovers of macabre massacres performed by marching armies & Thats also part of baroques heritage.Saying that this aspect of XVII and XVIII century is reflected in Dionisyan music would be taking it too far?

T: For “Delirium and Madness” I wanted to recreate a true Concerto Grosso in real Baroque style with the female chants, but rivisited by Me in Metal key and I wanted to recreate the typical Italian counterpoint polyphonic of the late 17 century, contrasting the different melodic vocal lines, using both the lyrical singing that also modern to give a unique brand to identify my musical proposal on all.

BWR: Its been less than a year since the premiere of the second Dionisyan album and maybe it is too soon for such a question,but when can we expect the new CD?Do you have any ideas as to which direction this project could go with next album?

T: Next year i will record the third DIONISYAN’s Opera,
I will change for the third time musical genre, I do not want to fossilize myself or even cradle myself on the tortuously beautiful articulated styles that I have amalgamated in the two Dionisyan’s albums.
In the first album I explored progressive metal, melodic death metal, traditional Arabic music, classical and medieval songs, always with Atmospheric Doom metal.
In the second album the baroque music, the opera and the progressive metal, always with the Atmospheric Doom metal.
In the third album I will realize exclusively Epic Atmospheric Doom Metal, very linear, without any contamination of other styles and musical genres, it will be 100% DOOM METAL.
As for the line up, I only keep bassist Alessandro Basso and I will change the female singer to get a male singer, this time with a clear voice too to sing Epic style

BWR: To wrap things up,is there anything you’d like to say to the listeners and readers from Black Widow Radio?Thank you so much for your time and we hope that we will hear much more about Dionisyan and its creations in the future.

T: I take this chance to thank you and the large community of Black Widow Radio for the kind interview and the opportunity to make known both me and my DIONISYAN.

I also invite anyone who wants to know the second album „DELIRIUM AND MADNESS – CONCERTO GROSSO OPERA°2 IN G MINOR”, can see “Blood Prophecy” and “ In The Mirror Of My Soul” lyrics video and the last audio video “Guardian Angels” with Sarah Eick as Special Guest from FUNERAL.

Our Album is still available for sale.

Anybody willing to buy a copy please contact me at castellus@tiscali.it and with the copy, i will do an autographed postcard !

Thanks again for everything.

Tregor Russo.

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